Marseille Calanques are gorgeous and part of the spots you cannot miss if you’re visiting the city. But their clear and turquoise water is not the only attraction! Travel in Marseille Provence tells you all about the wonders of the calanques.

Walk and enjoy pure air

Most of the time Calanques means walking and swimming. It is indeed necessary to walk a few dozen of minutes to reach the beautiful coves and their gorgeous panoramas. Always take good walking shoes, plenty of water and a hat.

You’re not into walking? Don’t worry, some calanques are easily reachable in 10 minutes, and as pretty as the other. For you, we made a list of the calanques easy to access without effort, just click here.

Port Miou © Lionel Duval

Discover the calanques natural heritage

On your way to the Calanques, you will discover an extraordinary diversity of fauna and flora. There are more than 900 vegetal species in the national park and some can only be found in Marseille area like the Sabline de Provence. Learn about the calanques emblematic flora before your walk by clicking here.

Admire breathtaking panoramas

Whether it’s a short or long walk to the Calanques, you will be able to admire the Mediterranean coast and harbour. Wherever you are, you will get a different point of view. Stop as many times as you want to get the best of it.

Get more intimacy

In summer, Marseille, Cassis and La Ciotat beaches tend to be overcrowded. It’s hard to find a spot and most of the time you end up with hundred of towels right next to yours. On the contrary, the Calanques offer an infinite space. Everyone can find its own little corner, under the trees or on a rock and relax alone!

Sugiton © Nicolas Klein

…and peace!

Here you won’t here children screaming, music… The atmosphere is much quieter than on the beach.

And it’s also more friendly, get support to jump from a rock, applauded when you do a nice dive. Some practise the « slackline », walking on a line between two rocks…

Sugiton © Nicolas Klein

Have a rest in the shade

On the beach, it’s impossible to get some shade if you don’t have a beach umbrella. In the Calanques, there are many trees offering shade and coolness.


Jump from the rocks

Jumping is a local sport in the Calanques. You can jump from rocks or sometimes from little islands nearby like the “Torpedo boat” in Sugiton. This calanques is actually famous for its jumping spot and known as the jumpers/divers paradise.

Sugiton © Nicolas Klein

Swim in turquoise waters

The photos of the Calanques you see are not embellished with Photoshop. The color of calanques waters is indeed clear and turquoise.

Dive to discover the sea floor

If you’re into diving or want to discover this cool hobby, the Calanques are the perfect spot for your training. Their flora and fauna is rich and typically Mediterannean. You’ll see fish everywhere. And if you’re not comfortable with oxygen bottles and depths, try snorkeling. With mask, snorkel and fins, you will be able to explore the aquatic life.

© D. Deflorin / DUNE Marseille

Escape the city and commune with nature

When you’re in a calanque, you feel cut off from the outside world. Just think and meditate about what’s in front of you: hills on the path and the vast sea. Yes, spend a day in the calanque and you are regenerated with positive energy. And if you are already on holidays, you just feel like in heaven!

© Raph13