This is Made in Marseille Provence travel guide, a guide made by Marseille people for everyone. Here you will find out about Provence best places and travel tips. This page takes you on a journey to the town of Berre l’Étang and its hidden secrets. Discover its countryside, its heritage, and its cultures.

If Berre l’Étang is well known for its industrial activities, it has much more to offer. With plenty of natural or urban green spaces, the town is a pleasant and charming place to visit all year round. As the name suggests, the town is linked to the pond (“étang”) of Berre, which is located right at the bottom of the town.

You can take one of the many walking trails to discover the pond and its beautiful environment. In Berre l’Étang, we also cultivate juicy tomatoes, olives and grapes. This article will tell you all about the best things to do in this lovely town.

Take a walk in Berre l’Étang and learn about its heritage

Wander through the streets of Berre l’Étang to discover Albert Samson harbour, a little fishing harbour and marina. Along the waterfront you will find a pleasant tree lined promenade with benches.

If you want to know about the town landmarks, take a look at Notre Dame de Caderot Chapel and Saint Césaire Church. The former is Berre L’Étang oldest building, built in the 3rd century! Intended to be a parish church, its plans were never redesigned, even when it was partially rebuilt in the 16th Century. The latter, Saint Césaire Church, was meant to replace the old parish church and shows all characteristics of the roman style, and more, as it was extended many times during the centuries.

Enjoy Champigny beach and its white sand

The town of Berre l’Étang has its own beach, Champigny beach, also called by the town’s elders « la plage des merveilles » (« the beach of wonders »). Natives and tourists love its white sand, and the place becomes a real oasis when it gets too hot. Not only you can enjoy the beach with all its activities but also try sailing and paddling which are very popular. During summer, there is always a first aid station and composting toilets on the beach.

Saint-Chamas road, after the village of Mauran

Go on a picnic in Berre l’Étang natural area

Berre l’Étang has two beautiful natural parks: Maurin park, at the heart of the town, and Henri Fabre park, next to Berre’s pond. These are true nature sanctuaries of 3 hectares where you can reelax during winter and summer, the perfect setting for a picnic when the season is hot. Maurin park offers a botanic garden dedicated to provence essences and a beautiful lake. Both have also a play area for children.

Summer opening time : 8 am to 8 pm/ Winter : 8 am to 5.30 pm

Walk along Berre’s pond

Imagine 15 Km of natural heritage along a pond with 8.8 Km of walking trail inside the Berroise Camargue, this is Berre l’Étang. Reeds and huts, wild horses and Provence donkeys, bulls, pink flamingos and ducks, the site offers many treasures of nature that need to be protected. You will also come across Bouquet beach, a symbolic place located between the Salins du Midi and Arc’s mouth. No need to say that all nature lovers will love this trail.

For those who are not fond of walking, try a shorter itinerary from Albert Sanson harbour to the Gordes beaches. Along the pond’s edges there are 2 km of trails made of grass meadows, view points, bike trails…the ideal setting for outdoor activities.

The 8.8 km trail starting point is located on the car park of Berre l’Etang winemaking cooperative.

Taste local products of Berre’s agriculture

In Berre l’Étang, we cultivate many products like olives and grapes, which give a large and diverse range of AOC wines and olive oils. It also represents 300 hectares of modern agriculture that generate 40 000 tonnes of tomatoes every year, that is to say 25% of the French vegetable greenhouse production. During summer, you will find these local products on the farmers market, every Friday (end of the day).

Farmers market : Fridays, 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm, from June to October, Parking de l’Europe.


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