It’s summer, it’s hot and you have walked a long way in the city (or not). Indulge yourself with a home made ice cream! From the Vieux-Port to Le Panier, Cours Julien and La Pointe Rouge, we have amazing ice cream shops in Marseille. Discover our selection…

Le Glacier du roi on Place de Lenche in Le Panier is located two steps from the Vieux-Port. Enjoy a homemade ice cream on one of the city’s oldest places. You can also take your ice cream away and wander in this emblematic quarter of Marseille. Le Glacier du roi is an old fashion ice cream shop with classic ice creams. We advise you to taste the “navette” flavour (the navette is a typical biscuit of Provence). Its orange blossom flavour is just incredible! Plus a bay window allows you to watch the process of ice cream making.

4 place de Lenche 13002, Marseille

Open everyday 8am-7.30pm


L’Éléphant Rose à Pois Blancs – meaning “The pink elephant with with polka dots” – on Cours Julien offers a small terrace in the heart of the artists quarter. If you’d like to discover unusual flavours, it’s definitely the best spot:  Honey/Orange blossom, Pineapple, Basil, Hibiscus blossom, and alcohol flavoured ice creams: Mojito – Margarita, Cocorhum, Belay’s, Irishcofee! You’ll be surprised!

3 Rue des Trois Rois, 13006 Marseille

04 91 47 34 68

From the 1st of May to the 30st of September: everyday 12am-12pm

From the 1st of October to the 30st of April: Tuesday, Wednesday 12am-7.30pm; Thursday to Saturday 12am-12pm; Sunday 2pm-7.30pm


Le Béluga is a modern ice cream shop located on the road with a view of the sea. If you are on La Pointe Rouge beach, go to take a look! Among the specialities, our favourite flavours are: green tea and pine nuts (very Eastern!), brousse cheese and navette, figs (yes you’re in south of France.) Cavaillon melon sorbet: so tasty!

59 Avenue de Montredon, 13008 Marseille

04 91 33 95 92

7/7 11.30-2am


La maison de la glace is located in l’Escale Borély. This is a famous and emblematic Marseillais ice cream shop. It was funded in 1947 in rue Sainte (6th Arrondissement, right in the city centre). In 2009, two new shops were opened, one on rue de la République and the other in l’Escale Borély. The best-sellers flavours here are: pastis, calissons, lemon basil sorbet.

138 avenue Pierre Mendès 13008 Marseille

From March to April and in October: Wednesday and week-ends 1-7pm. From Pâques (Easter time) to end of September: 1-12pm everyday, 1pm-2am Friday and Saturday.


Gelati Nino is another famous address of Marseille and La Ciotat. With six shops in total, they offer incredible ice creams, from classics to unexpected flavours: Limoncello, red bull, cannabis, but also poppy, calisson and navette. The Escale Borély shop is our favourite spot, with the sea just nearby. You’ll find also one in La Pointe Rouge, on La Canebière or in L’Estaque.

148 avenue Pierre Mendes France, 13008 Marseille 

10-3am everyday 



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