“Ressourceries” are second-hand shops focused on recycling. The concept is to avoid waste by recycling things (cleaning or repairing) and to allow people to buy them for a very cheap price. These shops are many in France and in Marseille and offer a second life to clothes, home, kitchen furniture, toys… Made in Marseille tells you all about Marseille ressourceries.watch Okja movie now


A member of the Ressourceries National Network, Recyclodrome is an association that collects things people or companies don’t want anymore. The items are reworked (cleaning, repairing, relooking etc) and put on sale in the sop of rue d’Aubagne.
Open every Wednesday 10am-7pm and the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, 10am- 17.30pm
47 rue d’Aubagne, 13001 Marseille

Croix-Rouge Insertion (Red-Cross) – Impulse Toit

Funded in 1998, Impulse Toit aims at stopping the usual vicious circle: « with no job, no home; with no home, no job». Thus the association tries to help people having difficulties to find a home. A ressourcerie is part of its activities. It’s has four roles: collecting*, promoting, sale, and raising awareness about ecology. Impulse Toit is now part of Croix-Rouge Insertion (the Red-Cross) but still fights on the same ground..
* Collections can be organised by appointment (call the 04 91 05 99 88). The ressourcerie has two shops:

63 boulevard Balthazar Blanc, 13015 Marseille –Open Monday-Friday 9am—5pm.
25 cours Julien, 13006 Marseille Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

The Red-Cross solidarity shops

The Red-Cross second-hand shops allow you to nuy clothes and furniture at a very little cost while doing a social gesture. There are shops in Marseille, one is dedicated to children with clothes and accessories or toys. Everything comes from private donations (individuals or big companies groups). The money is used to finance récoltés par les ventes permettent ensuite de financer the social projects of the local Red-Cross.
Marseille shops : 
20 rue du Docteur Escat (6th arr) – Monday-Friday 10am—5.30pm.
137 rue du Camas (5
ème) – Monday-Thursday 9—12am; 2-5pm, Friday 9-12am.
Children shop, 90 boulevard Baille (5
th arr) – Monday-Friday 2-4.30pm


Thanks to private donations, Emmaüs opened several shops in Marseille. The concept is to allow people on very low budget to buy clothes, kitchen furniture, books, household appliances and more.


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