Summer or winter, nap is an important activity in Marseille. 20 minutes of nap to regain your energy and concentration! In Marseille, we nap inside or outside according to weather conditions. To discover Marseille best nap spots, follow Travel in Marseille Provence guide.

A nap-café

La Siest’in is the first nap-café or nap bar opening in Marseille, offering food service too. Located near the Préfecture, the café has six different decorated rooms (each one for a continent) where you can take your nap either on a hammock, camp bed, mattress or deckchair.

You can also enjoy the tearoom with its cinema chairs and take a book from the free-service library. Or take an appointment with one of the health and well-being specialist (osteopath, sophrologist, massage therapist etc)
To read more about Marseille first nap-café, discover our report here.


Gardens & Parks

There are many parks and gardens in Marseille, and some located right in the city’s centre. Take a blanket and lie on the grass…. Even in winter, when the sun is out, you can rest on a bench and sleep for a moment, listening to the birds.



There is nothing better than sea breeze to make you feel good. Take a nap on the sand or on your towel, with the soothing sound of waves in the background. Don’t consider this option when the mistral is out, no way you can sleep with such a strong wind!



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