Though Malmousque doesn’t have a fine sandy beach – only rocks and paving stone -, you wouldn’t like to miss it. Hidden behind the Corniche Kennedy, it is an unexpected beautiful cove with a little harbour overlooking Endoume Archipelago and Degaby island. Follow our guide and fall under the spell…

On the left side of this small bay, the Foreign Legion and Military Baths building welcomes soldiers, as in any seaside town. With their family, they can comfortably enjoy the little paradise of Malmousque.



Of course, the rest of the place stays open to everyone. If you follow the coast and reach the extreme south of the bay, you will see a small turnstile on your right. This is how you access a picnic area running along the coast, right above the sea. There is a very long bench where you can sit for hours or watch the sunset at sea, or you can (carefully) walk down the cliff and go for a swim.



With this picturesque cove comes the nonetheless charming village of Malmousque. The streets are narrow, the houses hiding behind high walls and disappearing among plants and flowers. Wander in the streets of this small village and forget about the rest of the world…


Rue Va à la Calanque, 13007 Marseille


By car

  • Definitely not a good idea! There is no car park.

By bike

  • Corniche Kennedy Stop

By bus

  • Endoume Bus stop (83 and 253 buses)


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