The Silvain theater is an open air theatre located in the 7th arrondissement, two steps from the Corniche and the Anse de Fausse Monnaie. An arena in stone with a fantastic decor and a superb acoustic with a capacity of more than 2800 persons. It is now a place of performance which takes an active part in Marseille summer cultural life. Read its fascinating story.

The theatre opened on the 14th of July 1923 thanks to Eugène Silvain and his wife, Madeleine, both members of the Comédie-Française (our national theatre group). It was built on a land bought by Dominique Piazza, the postcard inventor !

theatre-silvain-corniche-kennedy-south park-valmer-corniche-fausse-monnaie

A singing anecdote

It is said that Madeleine and Eugène Sylvain were walking on the site when they noticed its acoustic quality, while some people were playing “les boules” (Pétanque ancestor game). Madeleine Silvain joined the players at the bottom of the small valley and started singing the Marseillaise! This is how the couple decided to create the theatre.

The open air theatre was renovated in 1999 and is now all shiny. Every summer, it welcomes comedians and theatre or “chanson française” artists.


Le Théâtre Silvain
Corniche J.F Kennedy
13007 Marseille
04 91 14 54 10


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