Did you know that Marseille used to be an avant-garde spot for Jazz music? It was even considered as the capital of Jazz in the middle of the 40’s. There is a real Jazz community in Marseille. If you’re a Jazz lover or just feel like spending a smooth and warm evening, follow our Marseille Jazz clubs guide.

Le Cri du Port

Located a stone’s throw from La Joliette, le Cri du Port is a famous Jazz spot in Marseille. Founded in 1981, this association has been organising thousand and thousand of concerts in theatres, bars, tubes, unis, parks, on boats, islands…for 25 years. Since 2005, it has its own place in La Joliette with a concert room, a recording studio and more, all dedicated to Jazz music.
8 rue du Pasteur Heuzé, 13003 Marseille


La Caravelle

A century ago, La Caravelle was a cabaret frequented by sailors. Now a bar and a restaurant with a small terrace overlooking the Vieux-Port, La Caravelle is very popular and often crowded. Twice a week, the place welcomes jazz concerts and the artists selection is based on high standards !

Everyday 7-2am, Jazz, Swing and Blues concerts every Wednesday (8.30pm) and Friday (9pm)
34 quai du Port, 13002 Marseille


« Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents » Festival

Launched in 2000, « Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents » festival is now an important event during Marseille summer. The concept is based on the encounter of world and Jazz musics.

Concerts are every evening and follow a specific programme: a first part of the evening is dedicated to local artists and the second offers top international groups. Celebrities like Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins or Archie Shepp headlined the festival. Other related to Jazz events take place in the city like photos or paintings exhibitions.
10 days in July


« Jazz sur la Ville » Festival

During three weeks, « Jazz sur la Ville » travels in southeast of France and stops to offer series of Jazz concerts. « Jazz sur la Ville » is an independent collective made of different associations, places, producers and famous artists who are all Jazz lovers. If you can attend one of the concerts, don’t miss the opportunity!


Jazz Radio

This is a bit different. If you just want to listen to Jazz music and comfortably stay in your hostel or apartment, look for Jazz Radio (92.80 FM). Founded in 1996 in Lyon, it was the first French jazz station to be broadcasted 24H. It’s focused on Jazz music with also a bit of Soul, Chill-out, Funk, Blues, or even Gospel.



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