Located at Marseille north extremity, the beaches extending from La Pointe Rouge to Les Goudes must be seen. Even if beach is not your thing, our hidden little coves will definitely charm you. La Pointe Rouge beach is a large sandbank while the others are shingle beaches.

Following the Prado park and its beaches, is La Pointe Rouge. It’s Marseille biggest sandy beach with a beautiful panorama of the harbour and the Frioul archipelago. There are many pubs, bars and restaurants along its coast.


Heading south, you will reach l’Anse du Bain des Dames, with ist three little beaches. The right one is made of rocks big pebbles, the middle one is very narrow and made of pebbles, while the left one has sand and small gravels.The latter is the largest one and therefore, the most frequented. You will see old fishermen cabins, which now belong to private owners.


Following the coast, you will meet Phocéens beach, also known as « Bain des Hommes » (Men bath) in the past or « l’Abri Côtier » beach. The restaurant l’Abri Côtié takes half of the space, boasting a gorgeous terrace « les pieds dans l’eau » (« feet in water »). The right side is public and well appreciated by families as it is partially shaded in the morning.

Further south, you will reach Colombet beach or « Les Sablettes » beach, is one of the locals favourite, unknown from the tourists. A few cabins remain that were used to park pointus (traditional Mediterranean fishing boats).

Finally you will reach La Verrerie beach, just before La Madrague port. You will also see some cabins on the beach, but those ones have water and electricity! You can rent one during the year or for a holiday stay. The sandy beach here is quite popular and offers a beautiful view of la Madrague.

La verrerie beach is located just after L’abri côtier beach. It’s super cool for an evening picnic


La Pointe Rouge beach offers:

  • A first aid station
  • Showers and toilets
  • Beach mattress hire
  • Pedalos hire
  • Nautical activities for children and adults supervised by certified instructors
  • Restaurants


Avenue de Montredon, 13008 Marseille

How to get to Marseille beaches from La Pointe Rouge to Les Goudes?

By bike

  • La Pointe Rouge Montredon Station
  • Parc Pastré Station

By bus

  • La Pointe Rouge stop to La Verrerie stop (Line 19)

By shuttle boat

  • Vieux-Port / Pointe Rouge Line


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