Marseille in one day – the green tour

Obviously, it’s a real shame to have only one day to visit Marseille – so many treasures to discover!  But if you cannot stay longer, well, follow our guide! First time in our city? Or you already know a few spots and want to discover more? We present you classic or off the beaten track tours, walks in the countryside…

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Green Marseille in one day

You may already know Marseille inner city very well or just want to discover its biodiversity… the Calanques are definitely the place to go. If you start your trip in the morning, one day is enough to walk, explore and rest in the shade of a hidden cove. Anyway morning is always the best time to walk in the Calanques: you’re certain to avoid the heat and the tourists.

From Marseille, there are different itineraries to reach the Calanques:

  • Catching the 21 bus from Luminy, you will reach Morgiou and Sugiton. With its port, beach huts and shingle beach, the first one has the charm of a small fishermen village. The latter is well appreciated by jumpers and divers. The beach is very small but the rocky faces seem to be made for your towel… There is about one hour walk to reach the Calanques and one hour return.
  • From Les Baumettes or La Cayolle car park, it will take you about one hour walk to reach Sormiou Calanque. The spot is well frequented by tourists because of its wide sandy beach. It also attracts many divers as the seabed is very rich. From this car park, you can also reach Morgiou.
  • Finally from Callelongue Calanque (easy access with the 19 bus), you can reach many calanques: la Mounine, Marseilleveyre, Podestat and les Queyrons. Taking this walk, you will discover a mind-blowing panorama of Marseille harbour and the Riou archipelago islands.

To beautifully end your day and admire sunset, the best spot is Notre Dame de la Garde, especially if it’s your first time in Marseille. Otherwise, if you were near Callelongue, stop at les Goudes village to have a drink and enjoy your last hours in the city.

Marseille transports tips

If you’re using public transports, think about the XL 24h pass (5,20€). This pass allows you to do as many trips as you want in one day in Marseille (using the RTM network – bus, tube, tram, ferry boat). You can buy it at the tube and Tram stations (tickets machines), at the train station (Gare Saint Charles) or from the shops selling RTM tickets or the customer service in the mall called “Centre Bourse”(just opposite to the Vieux-Port).

You can hire a bike with the city bikes service in one of the many docking stations dispatched everywhere in the city’s centre. The first half an hour is free with the Transpass RTM card; then it’s 1€ an hour.


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