Yes it’s possible to run in Marseille far from the traffic noise and pollution! The city offers many pleasant spots where you can practise any sport activities, parks, natural spaces and small roads of the coast. Travel in Marseille tells you all about them.

Borély Park

Probably the best spot for running and the most popular. With many paths along the racecourse or its gardens, Borély park is Marseille family and sportspeople park. This explains why it is sometimes overcrowded, especially during weekends. In summer, it’s best to visit it during the week.
Open all year 6am-9pm 6h
551/564 avenue du Prado, 13008 Marseille


La campagne Pastré

Not far from the 8th arrondissement beaches, you will find the Parc Pastré, also known as Campagne Pastré. It is about 120 hectares extending to Marseilleveyre hills, between the Pointe Rouge and the Grotte Rolland. Beginners runners and athletes appreciate this park as it offers itineraries for different levels, flat or steep!  From the park, you can also directly reach the Calanques and start an extraordinary hike.
Opening hours: November, December, January, February: 8am-5.30pm; March, April, September, October: 8am-7pm; May, June, July, August: 8am-8pm
155 Avenue de Montredon, 13008 Marseille


Les Goudes path

Les Goudes road is less frequented than the Corniche, a nice itinerary to avoid the traffic pollution. The panorama Marseille south coast and the sea is absolutely breath-taking. Along the coast, run while breathing the sea air! And after a running session there is nothing better than swimming in the sea! Be aware it’s not recommended to go there during weekends because of the traffic.

© Claire Mangin

26th Centenary Park 

Located on avenue Jules Cantini, near Place Castellane, the Parc du 26ème Centenaire offers a nice space to run close to the city’s centre.
It boasts four different gardens (Provençal, Oriental, African, Asian) and a small lake. Right above the lake, you can admire a panorama of our Bonne Mère (Notre Dame de la Garde basilica) and Saint-Cyr hills. A haven of peace!
The parks and gardens of Marseille city town hall have the same opening hours (see the article’s bottom)
Rond-Point Zino Francescatti, 13010 Marseille


7th hills Park

It is the park where lies La Buzine Castle and a true paradise. The place is so calm that you wouldn’t guess there is a big shopping mall 5 minutes away! Its luxurious vegetation offers shade and fresh air, the ideal conditions for a healthy running session. You will also appreciate the fitness trail!
The parks and gardens of Marseille city town hall have the same opening hours (see the article’s bottom)
56 traverse de la Buzine, 13011 Marseille


Athéna Park

Located in Marseille 13th arrondissement, Athéna Park is quite recent. Its 14 hectares and converted paths offer a great space for a nice run. The vegetation at the park’s bottom is quite unusual because of the area humidity: willows, poplars, ashes and elms. Biking trails, sport playgrounds, play areas…, this park is really lively and pleasant.
No strict opening hours
Rue Albert Einstein, 13013 Marseille


Luminy domain

Luminy domain is the place where you will breath and run free. Hills everywhere, calanques, it’s the kingdom of nature. Some itineraries have been marked for more security. Be careful, this not an easy trail for who is not well trained. There are slopes, hills, rocks… Make sure your level is good enough or just go for a picnic.

Opening times of Marseille city town hall parks & gardens

  • 1st of November to 14th of February:6am-5.30pm
  • 15th to 28/29th of February: 6am-6.30pm
  • 1st of March to 30th of April: 6am-7pm
  • 1st of May to 31st of August: 6am-8pm
  • 1st of September to the 14th of October: 6am-7pm
  • 15th to the 31st October: 6am-6pm


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