Fancy a nice concert?

The Dôme, in Saint Just quarter, is the biggest auditorium of our city. It can host up to 8500 people and its line-up is focused on mainstream or popular music, comedies and musicals.


Le Silo, located in Joliette, offers the same kind of line-up, (maybe a bit more refined) with big names, comedies, and also plays, classic concerts and dance performances.
These two spots will satisfy adults and children with a large variety of shows.

Now we’re talking about party. Fiesta! “Le Dock des Suds” and La Friche la Belle de Mai are Marseille best party spots. They’re home to famous festivals like Marsatac, Babel Med Music or La Fiesta des Suds. The line-up is always trendy with hip-hop and electro music. These spots show big stars as well as young artists. Same line-up in l’Espace Julien and Le Moulin, with a warmer atmosphere.


What’s about classical music?

L’Opéra de Marseille is France second big opera, after Bordeaux. Sometimes, almost half of the audience comes from outside of Marseille!John Wick: Chapter 2 2017 live streaming movie

The programme is rich and shows big operas as well as ballets or symphony concerts.


For theatre lovers

Comedies, classics, Avant-Garde plays, in Marseille, you will find everything!

La Criée is Marseille national theatre. Located right in the city’s centre, on the Vieux Port, it offers classical as well as contemporary or very new plays. Music concerts and other performances make a rich and high standards programme.


At the top of La Canebière is l’Odéon, another famous theatre. It shows light comedies, vaudevilles and opérettes.

Le Théâtre du Gymnase, “théâtre à l’italienne” celebrated its bicentenary in 2004. Its programme is rich with national and international plays, music and dance performances.


Le Théâtre Toursky, a social committed culture spot is another theatre loved by the Marseillais. It’s a high spot for art creation, classical and contemporary music, with talks and more…

As you can see, there are many options in our city for those who are after a cultural evening!


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