In Marseille, we love that kind of initiative! Since September 2012, the Marseillaise association Juxtapoz offers “une Galerie à ciel ouvert” (an open-air gallery) on a red wall located on the corner of rue Crudère and Cours Julien, in the 6ème arrondissement. 

Every month Juxtapoz association asks a street artist to play with a wall of 3 meters x 5 meters. It’s called le M.U.R for the French: « Modulable Urbain Réactif ». Acrylics, inks, aerosols, collage or live performances, the way artists express are free and vary every time. Le M.U.R belongs to an important part – but often unknown – of Marseille’s culture: street art.

A project in partnership with a Parisian association

This project was created with a Parisian association, Le M.U.R (Modulable Urbain Réactif). Founded in March 2003 and lead by the artist Jean Faucheur, its purpose is to promote contemporary art and especially urban art.

In the heart of Paris 11ème arrondissement, le M.U.R. takes the advertising campaigns for model, imitating their form and ritual. The association asks urban artists to regularly come to work on a public space with the concept of a new poster covering the old ones. In five years it has already shown the works of more than one hundred artists.

To discover le MUR projects, click here.


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