Sugiton calanque in Marseille is a true heaven. It is made of two little coves boasting small shingle beaches. If you like turquoise waters and paradisiac landscapes, this walk will charm you !

Again, this calanque is part of a national park (famous and precious!), a environment that visitors must respect. Opposite to Sugiton calanque, you can see a small island called the “torpedo boat” because of its military shape.

A big rock splits up the two beaches and is used as a diving platform by the bold. Sugiton is loved by divers and some rocks allow to jump from 13 meters high. Summon all your courage!

Access to Sugiton calanque – Marseille

To access the calanque, leave your car in Luminy campus (car park). It takes about 1 hour to walk down and a bit more to come back. When it’s sunny and hot, take at least 1.5 L of water per person, there is no bar around (but a fountain is located at the start of the walk).

The first half an hour, the path takes you to the esplanade, Sugiton col. This walk can be done with the whole family as the path is almost flat. Then, taking right, you can reach the panoramic view point, and admire a gorgeous view of Morgiou calanque (half an hour one way back, it’s worth it !)

From this place, you can choose between two paths to reach Sugiton calanque :

  • On your left, a nice, easy and sinuous path, used by fire engines. It’s the longest option.
  • Slightly on your right, almost facing the sea, a path marked by three red dots. This one goes straight and crosses the curves of the first path. It’s a steep and rocky walk.

Whatever you choose, take good walking shoes (and forget about the locals walking in flip flop…) As soon as you see the sea, be ready to take a small path on your right marked with three red dots. It’s the only way to go down! Then you will just have to choose where you want to lie down.

As regards the shingle beaches, you will have to leave early as they are very popular… But don’t worry, there are many hidden little corners where you will be able to relax.

Sugiton Calanque is quite crowded during summer (especially weekends). Some days, the path almost looks like a highway! Look out for a little space under a pine or on a small rock and make it yours.

And remember you can always access Sugiton by boat. A nice spot for a romantic evening…



  • Good walking shoes to walk down and up the calanque.
  • Water shoes : some rocks are sharp and can hurt, and access to water is sometimes a bit difficult.
  • Water, plenty of water! Especially in summer.
  • A hat

Reminder: how to behave in Marseille natural heritage

The Calanques mountains range is a fragile natural space, steep and rocky that is not secured. It can be dangerous with crumble, falling branches or trees, cliff edges…. Visitors must wear walking shoes and have water, food and a map of the spot. Of course a mobile phone can be very useful as well. Remember, you must take back your rubbish and leave the place shiny clean.

The Calanques mountains range is made of gorgeous marked walking trails. Anyone who chooses to leave the trails puts nature (and the rare plants) in danger. Therefore shortcuts are not a good idea, and cause rock slides. Piles of rocks are home to the « Sabline de Provence », a protected plant that is endemic in the Calanques.

How to behave in Marseille natural heritage :

  • On land
  • On sea

Fire risk in the Calanques mountains range: limited access

In Marseille Calanques, fire risk is very high in summer. This explains why access to certain spots can be forbidden. Before you go, make sure you will be able to visit the spot you have chosen. Every day (from the 1st of june to the 30st of september only), the Bouches-du-Rhône prefecture publishes a map with the accessible spots.

Did you go there?

You went to Sugiton? Tell us, we want to hear about your experience!


Calanque de Sugiton, 13009 Marseille


From the 1st of june to the 30st of september access is regulated by prefectural decree because of the fire risk in the Calanques mountains range. Before you go, check the access on the prefecture website here. (map updated everyday), or call the 0811 20 13 13.


  • By foot, one hour walk from Luminy (a bit more for the way back)
  • By bus
  • Luminy: Luminy Stop (lines 21 and 24)


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