Long night, little sleep, sometimes hangover… it’s often hard to feel motivate to do anything except staying at home and watching TV. But remember, you’re in Marseille! And there is a lot to do when you feel lazy or tired. Discover Travel in Marseille Provence top after party activities to help you spend the day.

Have a brunch

If you had your party on a Saturday – which is often the case -, good news, it’s Sunday, brunch day ! A brunch is the best remedy to get a rid of your hangover, and in the meantime you can enjoy South of France food.
Many restaurants in Marseille offer this option on Sunday or Saturday mornings. To find out about the best brunches in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence, click here.


A bit of exercise but just enough…

If you feel a bit lazy or you don’t have « la foi » (« have no faith ») as we say in Marseille, to go for a walk or for a swim or a jogging (jogging ? Are you crazy ?) after a big night, in Marseille we have the perfect activity : la pétanque ! In Summer or Winter, play the game, relax a bit your body and have fun.
To see the full list of Marseille pétanque playgrounds, click here.


Breathe sea air and regenerate

There is nothing better than sea air to wake you up and clear your mind. Go for a walk on the Prado long beaches for a boost of energy, you can even try the water if you feel like it… And if the Mistral, our strong wind, is out too, you will rather visit one of Marseille gardens or parks for a quiet walk.


Forget your headache with an escape game

Escape games is a very popular concept in Marseille and developed well since last year. Think, solve enigmas, have fun in team… Such a cool way to spend your day with your friends! Try the game that is only based on our five senses.
Time Out : 17 rue Paradis (1er étage), 13001 Marseille
Exit Game : 4 rue Barthelemy, 13001 Marseille
Sensas : 17 rue Julia, 13005 Marseille



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