You’re in a rush, looking for a quick bite ? You can still have a healthy meal. Travel in Marseille Provence gives you its secret list of Marseille top sandwiches – our criteria? Homemade and top quality ingredients!


Located not far from place de Lenche in Le Panier, Le Dunk offers a Canadian cuisine with delicious bagels. On the menu, 8 sandwiches, like the famous pastrami bagel. Chips, crisps, veggies, coleslaw, or soups are offered on the side. Everything is homemade and prepared right in front of you! Dunk just opened another address in Marseille’s Docks, on Place de la Joliette.
Everyday except Tuesday. 9am-3pm,
4 rue Saint Thomé, 13002 Marseille


Le Bar à Pain

Located on the top of La canebière, the Bar à Pain or “bread bar” is obviously focused on bread and French bread specialities. It’s actually an organic bakery, which offers tasty savoury tartines. Again, everything is homemade and prepared right in front of you.
Tuesday-Friday,10am-9pm; Saturday 10am-6pm,
18 cours Joseph Thierry, 13001 Marseille


Wake Up

A stone’s throw from La Joliette quarter is the Wake Up. Its motto says it all: Fast Gourmet Food. Not only the sandwiches are delicious but also the fresh and homemade breads. We definitely recommend it!
Monday-Friday, 6am-7pm,
13 rue de ruffi, 13002 Marseille


Green Bear Coffee

If you’re a vegetarian, here is the place to go. GreenBear Coffee has already three spots in Marseille. A café and super healthy fast food, it offers only vegetarian sandwiches made with organic products, with a choice of no gluten, no lactose or vegan sandwiches.
To know all about Marseille vegetarian addresses, click here.
22 boulevard Paul Peytral 13006 Marseille, Monday-Saturday, 11.30-6pm. 17 rue Glandevès, 13001 Marseille, Monday-Friday, 11.30am-3.30pm. 
123 La Canebière, 13001 Marseille;
 Monday-Friday, 11.30am-5pm.


Picnic aux Docks

One of our “coup de coeur” in La Joliette. Picnic is well known by the quarter’s employees. Its Pastrami sandwiches, its olive and guacamole bread, its unusual and delicious recipes make it highly popular. Of course the bread is artisanal and products are local!
Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday, 8am-7pm
Les Docks, place de la Joliette, 13002 Marseille


La Pause

La Pause probably offers Marseille best sandwiches with delicious Falafel and kebab sandwiches. Ok, we said healthy food… But these kind of sandwiches are very popular in our city. The place’s atmosphere is cosy and like the area (La Plaine), politically committed. Walls are covered with posters, tracts, quotes…

The concept is close to Subway’s (but much better, and with local and healthy products), you can choose your meat and veggies and make your own sandwich. And there are also vegan and gluten free options!
Monday-Wednesday 7am-1pm, Thursday-Saturday 7pm-2am
7 rue des Trois Mages, 13001 Marseille 



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