On place Monthyon lies Marseille’s law court also known as Palais Monthyon. It was built in the middle of the 19th Century to replace the old law court located in the Pavillon Daviel. A few step up, the garden of la Colline Puget offers a beautiful panorama of the city.

57 meters long and 54 meters large, the architecture of our law court follows the Second Empire style. The main facade is made of 25 stairs and six columns peristyle. The triangular pediment dominates the building with an allegory of Justice, with Force on its right, and Crime, Prudence and Innocence in the angles.

The court has recently been renovated by the Marseillaise architecture agency Tangram. The inside is full of light, see the « salle des pas perdus » or « room of the lost footsteps » which is covered by a huge glass roof of 15 meters high.

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If a modern touch has been added, the edifice kept its old decors, sculptures and woodwork that were renovated too. Since 2015, the Palais de Justice is home to the Police tribunal, where archives, documents and objects are kept in sealed boxes (for evidence).

Tips and anecdotes

At the bottom of the Palais de Justice, you will see a vast esplanade with large ponds, it is the Place Monthyon. A very peaceful place with its trees although the traffic is quite loud on Cours Pierre Puget nearby.

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6 place Monthyon, 13006 Marseille


By bike

  • Station Pierre Puget Breteuil

By tube

  • Station Estrangin Préfecture (line 1)

By bus

  • Breteuil Puget Stop (lines 55, 57, 60, 61, 80 et 81)
  • Puget Fortia Stop (lines 54, 55, 60, 61, 80 et 81)


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