This is Travel in Marseille Provence travel guide, a guide made by Marseille people for everyone. Here you will find out about Provence best places and travel tips. This page takes you on a journey to Carcès, with its medieval centre, its colourful façades and its incredible movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 2017 now

Carcès is full of charm and has so much to offer! Admire the medieval village that has been perfectly renovated, its extraordinary façades embellished with glazed tiles or frescos. The town counts also more than 20 fountains! Water is omnipresent in the town surroundings with the Caramy lake and waterfalls. Between history and nature, discover the best of Carcès.

Wander in the streets of Carcès

In the old days, there were many façades with glazed tiles in Carcès. They were located on the East side of the houses in order to protect them from water infiltration, frequent accidents due to the violent storms in the area.

But some have been preserved and are carefully looked after. The frescos on the shops, the tourist office and the community buildings façades are also a must-see. Don’t miss these little hidden treasures of the past and follow the Provence Verte Tourist Office’s guide.

Learn about the village medieval history

Narrow streets, old stones edifices and castle ruins, the town’s medieval heart was beautifully renovated. An exhibition room has been created on the castle ruins. It was built in the 16th century and welcomed king Louis XIV and its court in 1660. Destroyed during the Second World War, it was rebuilt around 2000.


© OT de Carcès

Take break in the Carcès lake

It is forbidden to swim in the Carcès lake, but none will stop you if you want to lie down and relax. Located right next to the village, the site is absolutely gorgeous. The lake is about 100 ha of water, supplied by six different rivers. Everyone can enjoy its peaceful atmosphere or have a picnic nearby, like tourists and locals when the sun is out. The site is a favourite among fishermen too as the lake is full of carps, perches, pikes and other fishes living in the water.


© OT de Carcès

Walk to Caramy waterfalls

The Caramy waterfalls, which you can see from the lake, is about 14 metres falling on Caramy river. “Le Caramy” comes from “la Sainte Baume” mountains, crosses the Provence Verte from West to East and flows into the Argens river in Carcès. The whole site makes a very pleasant walk, fresh and green. You can start your walk from the village, and follow the itinerary offered by the Tourist Office.

Visit the winemaking cooperative

The winemaking cooperative, also called « le Hameau des Vignerons » (“winemakers hamlet”) is the third winery of the Var with 600 hectares of vines. The winery mainly produces rosé, but you can also find white and red. The winery’s shop will welcome you for wine tasting sessions.
Opening times: 1st of October-31st of May, 8.30-12am and 2-6.30pm
1st of June- 30th of September, 9-12am and 3.30-7.30pm


Discover Carcès art and craft life

There are many artist workshops in Carcès, especially sculpture and ceramic studios. So if you are an art lover, have a look at the permanent exhibition of “L’atelier des métiers d’Art” which shows local artists artwork.


© OT de Carcès


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