If you wander on the Vieux-Port quays, you cannot miss the Hôtel de Ville. Located on the right bank near Le Panier quarter and facing Notre-Dame de la Garde, our town hall has a fascinating history.

The Hôtel de Ville de Marseille is located on the right side of the Vieux-Port since the 13th Century. At this time, it was called “la Maison de Ville” (the city’s house) and gathered the city’s consuls and merchants.

The actual edifice was built in the 17th Century, its architecture is inspired by the Genovese palaces of the time. In the past, the building, representing the municipal authorities, was facing “l’Arsenal des Galères” on the opposite bank, which represented itself royal authorities.


The Hôtel de Ville avoided destruction two times. During the Revolution, it is said to have hosted the federalists. It stayed untouched too when the German destroyed the area during WW2 (German authorities had ordered the destruction of all Marseille old quarters).

The edifice is divided into two buildings: the original building, the Pavillon Puget (on the port side), connected to the Pavillon Bargemon (on the place side) by an arcade. The Pavillon Puget façade offers two symmetrical aisles and a large balcony on the first floor. This is actually where the mayor’s office is located.

mayor-office-town-hall view-panorama-vieux-port-center

Tips & anecdotes

In the Pavillon Puget, there are no stairs to reach the first floor. You have to go through the Pavillon Bargemon and take the arcade that connects the two buildings.

Since 2006, the municipal council room, the offices and meeting rooms are located in l’Espace Villeneuve-Bargemon (below the Place Bargemon).


Quai du Port, 13002 Marseille


Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6pm


By bike

  • Station Hôtel de Ville

By tube

  • Station Vieux-Port (line 1)

By bus

  • Hôtel de Ville Stop (lines 60, 82 and 82S)
  • Place Bargemon Stop (line 49)


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