Located in the 2nd arrondissement of Marseille, Le Panier is the oldest and most typical quarter of our city.

Le Panier quarter is a beautiful area where you can walk in the small picturesque streets for an hour and discover culture spots (famous monuments and an emblematic museum) and Marseille heritage. The charming terraces with little cafés and restaurants will offer a nice break during your visit. Follow Travel in Marseille guide to this historic area.

Wander in Le Panier narrow streets

Le Panier looks like a small village of Provence, very far from Marseille city’s centre. Streets are narrow and paved, and the façades are full of colours. This Mediterranean look makes all its charm. Obviously tourists are many to visit this area where artisans and artists have their small ateliers or boutiques. Street art is very present here as in the Cours Julien quarter, but more hidden.

Wandering in Le Panier streets, you will cross charming little places with cafés and restaurants terraces. The place de Lenche is to said to be Marseille oldest place, and the place des Treize-Cantons is well-known thanks to our local TV show “Plus belle la vie”. La place des Pistoles is the most beautiful of all.

Visit Le Panier famous monuments

Heritage and culture are the two faces of Le Panier. Don’t miss the Vieille-Charité, an important museum of our city. The building, which used to be a hospice for Marseille beggars and poor people, is absolutely gorgeous and must be seen. It houses many cultural institutions like the Musée d’Archéologie Méditerranéenne and the Musée des Arts Africains, Océaniens, Amérindiens (M.A.A.O.A). Buy your ticket to see the current exhibition.

Permanent exhibitions: full price 5€ / reduced price ticket 3€ Free access to permanent exhibitions of both museums every first Sunday of the month.

… And discover the hidden ones

There are many heritage monuments not well known in Le Panier. You won’t be allowed to visit the inside of the buildings but you can admire their architecture from the outside.

So don’t miss the Pavillon Daviel (18th Century), Marseille old court hall. At the bottom of this building, there is a place (Daviel) where people sentenced to death by guillotine were executed. During the Révolution, the sentences were given on the Pavillon’s balcony. You will understand why the street nearby is called “rue de la Prison”! Just below is l’Hôtel de Ville (the city town hall) with architecture inspired by the Genovese style from the 17th Century.

The Hôtel de Cabre and the Maison Diamantée, two of Marseille oldest buildings, are also just nearby. It stayed untouched when the German destroyed the area during WW2 (German authorities had ordered the destruction of all Marseille old quarters).

The quirky Museum of « Petanque »

This museum dedicated to the Pétanque and « le jeu provençal » only opened in April 2015!  La Maison de la Boule is a very small museum for now, but it will develop along the years for sure!watch full Free Fire 2017 movie online

For example, you can discover the balls ancestors made of stone.

New players or regulars, test your ability on the little « boulodrome » (Pétanque playground) inside.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-7pm,
4 place des 13 Cantons, 13002 Marseille

To discover other Marseille quirky and unknown museums, click here

Gourmet break in Le Panier…

The old navettes shop, « Les navettes des Accoules », is located in Le Panier. The Marseillais and tourists are addicted to these typical biscuits of Marseille (dried orange blossom flavoured biscuits). « Les navettes des Accoules » shop sells artisanal traditional navettes, fresh from the day. 68 Rue Caisserie, 13002 Marseille

Another speciality of Marseille that you must try: l’Espérantine. It’s a dark chocolate sweet flavoured with olive oil, looking like an olive tree leaf. Olive oil enhances the chocolate flavour and the inside is made of sweet almond, candied orange or strong mint. 100% Mediterranean! You will find “L’Espérantine” shop in Le Panier, right opposite to the navettes shop.

70 rue Caisserie, 13002 Marseille

For a nice lunch or dinner, go to l’Effet Clochette (2 rue Caisserie). Using fresh and local products, this restaurant will take you to the heart of Provence cuisine, with panisses, aïoli and fish. It also boasts a charming terrace.



Another good restaurant, just nearby, is « Vinoneo » (6 place Daviel). It’s what we like to call a “restaurant à vins” (wine restaurant) with seasonal cuisine and delicious wines to match your plate’s flavours. And if you’re very fond of your wine, you can leave with a bottle as every wine on the menu is on sale in the wine shop.


In the heart of Le Panier, on the place des Pistoles or the bar des 13 Coins (45 rue Sainte-Françoise), stop for snack and café.

Tea time !

Le Glacier du roi on place de Lenche is one of the best ice cream shops of Marseille. We advise you to taste the “navette” flavour. The Cup of Tea (1 rue Caisserie) offers a large choice of teas and herbal teas coming from all over the world.

 Make your own tour in Le Panier

  • Start with the Hôtel de Cabre on Grand Rue,
  • Head to Le Panier and stop at the Hôtel-Dieu,
  • Walk down place Villeneuve-Bargemont and discover the Pavillon Daviel, the Maison Diamantée and the Hôtel de Ville,

From place Villeneuve-Bargemont, reach rue Caisserie, take the stairs on your right, the famous “Montée des Accoules”. You’re in the heart of Le Panier! Wander in the picturesque streets and end your tour with a visit of the Vielle Charité.


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