Football is part of Marseille popular culture and l’Olympique Marseillais is an emblem of our city. Even if you’re not into football, this is a fun experience to share with the locals: watching a match when l’OM team is playing. And you don’t need to go to the Vélodrome stadium to feel this unique atmosphere. Most of Marseille bars offer to watch live matches with a crowd of (crazy) supporters. Get ready… 

If the Red Lion and O’brady’s pubs are the favourite spots to watch live matches, there are other bars only known by locals where the atmosphere becomes very hot… We tell you all about them !

La Brasserie du Port – OM Café

La Brasserie du Port – but most people call it « l’OM Café »- is located in the heart of the Vieux-Port. It used to be a bar, a museum and a box office all about L’Olympique de Marseille! Today it’s a brasserie offering a nice cuisine and walls covered with photos of the club victories.

Everyday 8am-12pm, 25 Quai des Belges, 13001 Marseille


Le Bar de la Plaine

Le Bar de la Plaine is obviously located in La Plaine quarter. You’d better come early to get a sit before the match starts. The spot is indeed well frequented by OM supporters and the atmosphere is unique: you feel as if you were inside the stadium!

Everyday 5.30-1.30am, place Jean Jaurès, 13005 Marseille


Le Bar du Marché

The regulars call it « BDM ». The Bar du cheap jerseys from china Marché is located on the charming place of Notre Dame du Mont. Local celebrities often frequent this place at lunch time or for the famous “apéro”. Evenings matches are broadcasted on a giant screen, and as we say in Marseille the atmosphere is “mythic”.

Everyday 7-2am, lunch:12-15pm,
15 place Notre Dame du Mont, 13006 Marseille



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