You’re travelling in south of France, and of course you have taken your camera with you. Marseille, its incredible light, its many points of view dispatched everywhere in the city, its calanques, its colourful markets and façades, its people…is a great source of inspiration for artists and photographers. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a tourist, we tell you all about the spots to take beautiful photos in Marseille.

Our Calanques from Marseille to Cassis

Obviously, Marseille Calanques are the first thing that comes to mind when talking about beautiful photos in our area. See for yourself…

The Vieux Port, its fish market and its unique looking-glass

The Vieux-Port, Marseille oldest port, is the city historic centre. From morning to evening, it’s always crowded. Every morning from 7.30 to 12.30am, the fish market attracts locals, tourists and photographers. Musicians and other street performers entertain the crowds all day, especially during weekends. Play with the giant sky looking glass created by British architect Norman Foster. If you’re visiting Marseille during winter, get a ticket for the “grande roue” and take some nice shots when you reach the highest spot.

The Cours Julien and its open-air street art gallery

The Cours Julien is one of Marseille most interesting quarters. With artists, designers, trendy bars and restaurants terraces, the atmosphere is cosmopolite and unique. Wander in the streets located between Cours Julien and Place Jean Jaurès, walls are covered with beautiful graffiti.

Le Panier, its narrow streets and colourful façades

It’s Marseille oldest quarter. If you like Marseille typical architecture or just the atmosphere of small Mediterranean villages, head to Le Panier for the best photos souvenirs. Obviously, tourists are many to visit this area where artisans and artists have their small ateliers or boutiques. See more information here


Le Vallon des Auffes, Marseille picturesque port

It’s a fishermen village that kept all its authentic charm. It’s located 20 minutes walk from the Vieux Port (xest). The colourful cabanons (fishermen huts), the pointus (traditional Mediterranean fishing boats), make it a wonderful photo subject. We advise you to go at the pier’s end, after the bridge, and admire the small sea pool that makes the Vallon des Auffes residents so happy.

The Palais du Pharo, the MuCEM and the Fort Saint-Jean: photograph fantastic panoramas of the Vieux-Port and the ferry boats

The Palais du Pharo, beautiful castle perched on a small hill and built by Napoléon III, offers an incredible panorama of the Vieux-Port entrance, the MuCEM and the new commercial port. Watch the ferryboats going and froing…


To get the opposite panorama, reach the MuCEM, next to the Fort Saint-Jean, and you will see the Palais du Pharo, Notre Dame de la Garde, again the Vieux-Port and Marseille quarter (Euroméditerranée).


Notre Dame de la Garde and its 360° panorama of the city

Notre Dame de la Garde, its extraordinary panorama of the city, its architecture and its impressive statues attract millions of visitors every year. Surely, if you are in Marseille, you must pay a visit to this famous spot. At sunrise or sunset, any time of the day, this spot will be an extraordinary source of inspiration.

Cap Croisette, at the world’s end, between Les Goudes and Callelongue ports

When you’re in Cap Croisette, you feel a bit like at the end of the world. Here the Marseillais come to cut themselves off from the real world. Small fishermen boats and a few yachts are the only thing to disturb the everyday life of the few residents. Breathtaking views, magic colours, you won’t miss your shots!

A fisherman in Sunset

Le Corbusier Cité Radieuse roof

The Cité Radieuse ofe Corbusier is located on boulevard Michelet, in the 8th arrondissement. Although it is a residence, the roof terrace is open to public. There you will get a crazy 360° panorama of Marseille south, the sea and the Calanques.

La Gineste road turns, on the way to Cassis

The famous Gineste overlooks the Calanques small mountains range and connects Marseille to Cassis. If you’re on this road, you must stop at one its turns to admire the incredible view and tahe some shots. At sunset, the light is really amazing and the view blow minding.

Palais Longchamp park: bird’s eye view of Marseille roofs

The Palais Longchamp, with its two museums and its park, offers different spots to make really nice and unusual shots of Marseille. Play with the statues and old buildings. On the top of the park, you’ll get also a beautiful view of the city’s roofs.

La Friche de la Belle de Mai roof / Gare Saint-Charles stairs

The roof of La Friche de la Belle de Mai, old tobacco factory converted into an edgy cultural spot, offers a wonderful view of Marseille, one that is rare to get on this side. On the top of Gare Saint-Charles stairs, you will also get a beautiful panorama of Notre Dame de la Garde and the city.

And remember, everywhere in the city, you just have to catch the moment and people smiles…