Along Pierre Mendès France avenue, near Borély park and its castle, are the Prado park six beaches. Easy to reach and surrounded by great lawns, it’s is the most frequented spot of our city with many facilities and equipment.

The Prado seaside park is about 26 hectares extending on 3,5 km of littoral. It offers six sand and shingle beaches: North and South Prado, the Anse de Bonneveine, the Vieille Chapelle, the Borély and Huveaune beaches.

The Prado beaches are often crowded, days and evenings, as they offer a large choice of activities and facilities: disabled access, buvettes (small cafés) and churros stands, shops, bars, restaurants, and showers and toilets. Also, play areas and large lawns surround the beaches.

prado-beach-south-city sun-lounger-prado-beach-south

On the Escale Borély side, you will find Marseille famous skate bowl. It’s free and always lit at night. Only Skateboards, rollers and BMX can use it. It is one of the biggest of Europe and welcomes worldwide competitions every year. Other sport competitions take place in the Prado park like the Sosh Freestyle Cup.


Cultural and leisure activities are also organised like yoga sessions on the beach, free concerts or “la fête du vent” (the wind’s party) where kite lovers come to enjoy Marseille famous wind in September.sunset-beach-prado


The Prado beaches are quite young: Gaston Deferre, mayor at the time, created them at the end of the 70’s. Funny to know they were made with the ballast coming from the tube construction works! Before, when the Mistral (our wind) was too strong, the waves splashed cars and passers-by!

If you are a Playstation player, you might know Marseille Bowl appears in Tony Hawk Pro Skater (but it is hardly identifiable).


The Prado beaches offer:

  • Disabled access
  • First Aid stations
  • Private transats and beach corners (belonging to the bars and restaurants of the coast)
  • Showers and toilets
  • Free clothing store during summer
  • Multisport play areas


Avenue Pierre Mendès France, 13008 Marseille


By bike

  • Station Promenade Pompidou David
  • Station Mendès France Huveaune
  • Station Escale Borély
  • Station Escale Borély Pointe Rouge
  • Station Vieille Chapelle

By bus

“Plage Planche à Voile” Stop to “Tiboulen” Stop (lines 19 and 83)